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Story of Baccani Baby Prams

Arriving in New Zealand as an Australian-owned company, Baccani has strived to expand our horizons. Drawing from over 10 years of knowledge, tradition, and experience, our expertise in the field took charge. Thus, allowing us to create and distribute the iconic Baccani stroller. Our stroller boasts a design influenced by Italian finesse and elegance. However, our strollers and prams are not limited to their sleek appearance. They are strengthened with outstanding performance. These features ensure to rival the maximum safety standards and expectations set on the market.



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Est. 2010

There’s nothing like Baccani – The best baby prams in New Zealand.

Baccani- fits your lifestyle

Baccani strollers and prams are designed to accommodate a plethora of lifestyles. Our highest priority lies in enabling a comfortable experience for both parents and babies. Regardless of the different lifestyles, a family follows daily. We understand the importance of choosing a stroller that fits the way you live. In New Zealand, the possibilities are endless. However, at Baccani, New Zealand, we hold ourselves to a gold standard. We design and manufacture the most versatile prams and strollers possible.
We manufacture products that satisfy our clients while catering to a multitude of life situations. By being a patron of Baccani New Zealand, we strive to ensure that our customers exit any Baccani store with zero doubt and utmost satisfaction. As your child grows from a newborn to a toddler, we assure you that your child’s safety and comfort are indeed in good hands.

There’s nothing like Baccani

Baccani prams and stroller provide your little ones with an unmatched level of comfort, protection, and joy. Ensuring a smooth and safe ride regardless of the surface. Baccani strollers are all-terrain and fit any situation. From slow walking through a beautiful New Zealand morning to a frantic jog with your toddler strapped on for company. Our Italian-inspired designs ensure that pushing, carrying, folding, and storing your baby’s prams are easier and more manageable with Baccani.
Our prams and strollers are effortless to maneuver. Therefore, proving that Baccani’s expert engineering and exclusive structural reliability could hold their own. Even against the tightest city corners. Simply put, a Baccani pram is a joy to push. They are convenient and easy to fold and carry. Adding virtually no hassle to an on-the-go lifestyle. The stroller, prams, and accessories at Baccani New Zealand provide the ultimate comfort, convenience, and protection to its users. So that you, as a parent, are ready to face any situation.

Baccani – Fits Your Lifestyle.

Baccani prams and strollers are designed to suit any lifestyle. There is a range of colors to choose from to fit your desire. Our designers understand that as a parent, you’ll want a stroller that fits with the way you live and grow with your newborn until they become toddlers. After all, a pram has to be a comfortable experience for both the parents and their babies.


There’s nothing like Baccani.

HIgh Quality

Baccani baby prams and strollers provide comfort, protection, and joy to your little one, offering the smoothest ride, no matter the surface.

Safety Standards

Our baby prams and strollers are designed to look great while incorporating outstanding performance and features that meet the maximum safety standards and expectations found in the market.

Feel Luxury

Baccani Prams is a luxurious and versatile collection of prams for your baby in Australia. It is a household name amongst parents.