15 Expert Tips for a Perfect Travelling Experience with Your Kids!

Whether it is your first rodeo or your tenth, hitting the road and travelling with kids is by no means an easy task. You must have asked yourselves how do I make this easier? How do I enjoy myself and entertain my kids at the same time?

It’s about time you stopped worrying! Let us walk you through fifteen expert tips to ensure a fantastic travelling experience while having your kids by the side.

Go for it!

The first tip we have is to just go for it. Yes, travelling with your kids can sound like a daunting task, but trust us, it is well worth it. Sometimes there is only so much postponing you can do. The important thing is to remember that you will survive.

Pack with moderation

Over-packing will lead to over-worrying. Remember that you can buy anything you miss out on once overseas. Keep things simple with your packing, and do not let it be a stress factor. Sometimes, the brand might be a problem, but hey! It is not the end of the world. You will manage.

Organic nappies might be a point of concern because they might be hard to find at times. To avoid worrying, do a test run with a non-eco brand before you leave to see if there is any reaction.


Pack with intuition 

Make sure you have got all the essentials ready to go. Nappies, change of clothes, plastic bags, baby wipes, toys, pillows, snacks, and maybe some candies to help with the pressure changes during lift-off and landing are some of the essentials for your baby.

Further, for your convenience, pack in some headphones, extra batteries, a power bank, a tablet/DVD Player, extra deodorant, and whatever else would make your trip more comfortable.

Many airports will allow baby food, formula, and milk to be carried in containers of more than 100ml. You should know that the security will check the containers at the airport, but it is pretty quick and does not cause any contamination.

If there is any room left for packing, add in more baby wipes. You just can’t have enough baby wipes.

Think about your accommodation choices 

Accommodation is a crucial decision to make before you travel.

First, choose whether you want to book a hotel or a holiday rental. A hotel will have perks such as babysitting services, room service, and prepared meals but a holiday rental is more suited for you if you or your baby is on a special diet. You can prepare your meals yourself, and that’s a plus!

If you are going the hotel route, make sure that it is baby-friendly. What would have been an ideal vacation for you once might not be the same when a baby and their stroller come along for the ride.


Use the label & track system.

If you want to stop worrying about your child getting lost by any chance, you can use this system. Write down your name and a contact number on a label and attach it to your baby’s clothes, or better yet, write it on a band and put it on their arm. That way, someone can contact you quickly in case of an emergency.

Investing in a GPS tracking device is something we recommend as well. By implementing this method, you can attach a tracking device to your child and monitor them constantly through your mobile phone.


Plan your flights smartly 

Although evening flights are comparatively more expensive, planning your getaway around your baby’s bedtime is the best option. A sleeping child is a blessing to everyone inside the flight.

Be punctual when arriving at the airport and boarding your plane. If you have to transit, the same rule applies. A frantic sprint through the airport with your baby strapped on is a huge no-no!

Make the transit period a part of your holiday. Relax, refresh, walk around, eat, visit bathrooms, and give yourself a good stretch. Always try to have a relaxed mentality. Check if your airport provides you with a meet and assist service. If so, this can be a lifesaver for you, especially if you are new to this.

Kiddy pools are a must!

Even if you plan your vacation at a beach, you should ensure that a children’s pool is around. A lot of children love being in the sea, but some kids avoid it at all costs. A small pool will ensure that they splash around and enjoy with a lot less complaining.


Decide on carrying a car seat.

Having a car seat along with you has its pros and cons. They do require an extra seat on the flight and can be inconvenient to carry around when walking. However, having a car seat will guarantee that your baby is covered for any car rides that may come along the way. If you plan to carry your car seat, it is recommended to invest in a car seat and pushchair combination to reduce your level of inconvenience.


Sling? Pram? Or Stroller?

This impasse can only be answered depending on where you are going. It depends on the terrain, the condition of the streets, the weather, your child’s preferences, and several other factors.

However, it is recommended to use a light stroller as an excellent all-rounder to meet a number of these needs. Like the ones at Baccani New Zealand, a good stroller can be used as a temporary bed, has weather protection, and has wheels that can adjust to most terrains.

Research is key!

Before you leave for your holiday, it is essential to research your destination thoroughly to avoid any inconveniences on your part.

Research the legal proceedings of your destination. Check if your child needs a visa, the mandatory vaccinations required, and whether you need to be equipped with specific medication when facing the country’s conditions.

Some countries have a culture that accepts public breastfeeding, while some countries prefer that you feed your baby in privacy. If you face any doubt while you are there, don’t be hesitant to ask.


It’s ok to have a list, and no, you’re not Paranoid!

Before you leave, you could write down a list of everything that could go wrong during the trip. Running through situations gives you that mental preparedness to deal with issues effectively.

Plan well but know your limits.

 You want to be well prepared and well equipped for your trip, but that does not mean you should strictly regiment every move and every decision. Have a basic overlay of the things you want to get done during the trip and be flexible with the time at your hand. Sometimes, letting life surprise you, has its perks.


Yes, this sounds like a lot, but which part of raising a baby is easy? So, hear us out.

This is for both your sake and the sake of your little ones. Do a practice run on packing and reaching the airport (or as far as you can go). Your baby needs to be trained in the hassle involved in the process, no matter how early you get your work done. Therefore, allowing them to get used to the situation would help ease any complications, complaints, tantrums, or on the day of the trip.

Communication is key

If your child is a toddler, they are more likely to be intuitive and demand your attention and explanations throughout the trip. Tiring as this may be, they are curious!  And that’s a good thing.

If your child is new to travelling or flying, talk them through it. Convince them that the trip will happen and talk to them about safety procedures like fastening their seatbelts. A lot of children enjoy travelling, and they are quickly excited. Try your best to turn your trip into an adventure for your child.


And finally, relax, take a step back and enjoy. 

If your child loses all control and turns into a little demon, we advise you to take a deep breath and keep calm.

This trip is about yourself and your children, so always be mindful to stay calm and relaxed. We understand that it is different now, with your kids around. But that does not mean that you are disallowed to enjoy yourself. Yes, that enjoyment is different and comes strapped with a load of responsibilities but trust us, you will find that this change is a good type of change. Just relax and have the best time possible with your growing family!

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