Do you really need a car capsule/seat?

Planning for your baby involves a lot of item purchases. But sometimes, you might be considering if a certain product is worth buying. Here’s a breakdown of why you need a car seat/ car capsule for your little one.

What is a car capsule?

A baby capsule is a device that faces the rear of your vehicle. It has a handle to conveniently transport your baby from your car to your home, supermarket, or anywhere else without waking your baby up. The baby will continue to be strapped in their capsule as your travel from one place to another for short periods.

A baby car capsule is suitable for newborns up to 6 months of age. After 6 months, or after your baby is able to support their neck on their own. After that most parents like to start using a car seat. A car seat differs from a car capsule in a few ways:

Difference between capsule and seat

Newborn capsules offer the peace of mind that every parent seeks that your baby is safe and secure in their car seat.


One thing to be mindful about before buying your capsule, is to check whether the capsule is compatible with your stroller. Not all capsules fit on all strollers. If you have not already bought a stroller, explore the Baccani range. There you can find, economic strollers (2 in 1 bassinet + seat option), or single prams made to suit New Zealand parents. You can get all your travel needs from one place with free shipping!

capsule suitable for cavallo and pletora prams

Do I really need a car capsule?

By Australian law, babies must be seated in a restraint in a rear-facing position until they are at least six months old. Using a baby car capsule is one of the easiest ways to do this. It is also one of the safest ways to keep your baby secure while in a car. Aside from this, many parents enjoy the convenience of using a baby car capsule – there’s no need to wake your baby to move them out of the car!

Some infant capsules offer multiple cool feautres like the Maxi Cosi Mico 12 LX that is offered by Baccani Australia.

  • easy portability and installation
  • one handed 9 position automatic headrest and harness adjustment
  • multi-position adjustable crotch buckle, for comfort and safety
  • Patented Air Protect side impact protection
  • magnetic harness holders
  • Cool Baby wicking fabric to keep baby cool in summer
  • SPF50 sun protection
  • water-resistant canopy
  • peekaboo canopy window providing comforting airflow.

4 reasons why a baby capsule is a must have

If you are considering whether a baby capsule is right for you, these features might help you make the decision…

No need to wake the sleeping baby

Often times, babies tend to fall asleep when you’re driving them around in your car. The motion, and the low hum of the vehicle gives the baby something to be distracted over, as they fall asleep. But when it’s time to stop by a friends, or the supermarket, good luck taking the baby out of the vehicle without waking them up!

Here’s when you need a car capsule. The capsule can be detached without moving the baby. Simply, unclip the capsule from your car, carry the capsule from its handles, and your bub is good to come along! A capsule is a definite plus for parents who do lots of car travel with baby in the car, especially if you do lots of shorter trips.

Avoid wet weather

If you are heading out with a baby in wet weather (which is quite often as always in winter and spring which is half the year), it is near impossible to stay completely dry while getting them in and out of the car. With a baby capsule, you can grab the capsule and avoid having to stand too long in the rain or snow while you unbuckle harnesses like you’d need to do with a car seat.

You can hold the umbrella in one hand and carry the capsule in the other, keeping you and baby dry in the process.

The Maxi Cosi Mico 12 LX also includes a water-resistant canopy to add further protection from the elements (available at Baccani Australia only).

Hands free for older siblings

If you have older kids, a baby car capsule can help you manage all of your tiny ones while freeing up your hands.

Getting a baby in and out of the car every time is a hassle and takes a lot of time when you include in drop-offs at school and daycare, sports practices, and the typical running about you do with kids.

A baby capsule allows you to easily remove it at each stop and then click it back in when you’re ready to continue. While you take care of the other kids, you don’t need to fuss with a baby carrier or try to balance the baby in your arms.

 Flexibility for getting out and about

We’ve already covered that infant capsules are highly portable and great for keeping hands free when you have older kids, but baby capsules are also really adaptable.

With the right accessories (like capsule adaptors), you can connect your baby capsule to your prams/strollers so you can get out and about easily and without much fuss. If baby is sleeping, you don’t need to transfer them into the pram and likewise if you just need to duck to the shops to get a few things.

When you have an infant, it’s really just about making life as easy for yourself as possible… and a baby capsule is the ultimate tool to do so.

Baby Capsule FAQs

Do babies need a capsule?

Having a baby vehicle capsule would surely simplify your life. Aside from its mobility and simplicity, a baby capsule can mean the difference between a fast trip to the store for milk and bread and a full-day outing. A baby vehicle capsule can be exactly what you need if you lead a hectic life. Looking for an inexpensive solution for baby capsules? Some sites offer convenient baby capsule hire within New Zealand.

Can you use a capsule as a car seat?

The additional benefit of car capsules is that they safely restrain your child while you drive. They include straightforward methods that make it easy to attach the capsule in the back seat of your vehicle. But this is not a long-term fix. You must decide which car seat to buy once your infant outgrows its capsule.

How long can a baby sit in a capsule?

Babies typically outgrow their capsule by the time they are six months old. Your infant may outgrow their capsule earlier or perhaps a little later depending on their height. When using a baby capsule, always adhere to the manufacturer’s directions or get professional guidance.

Are car capsules bad for babies?

It is not advised to use car seats, vehicle capsules, or infant seats for extended periods of time. Your infant should remain in the capsule only when you drive. As soon as you arrive at your location, the capsule should be taken out. You should take your baby out of the car capsule as you get home because they are not meant to be used for extended periods of time.

And there you have it, the most asked questions about do you really need a car capsule/seat for your baby.

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