Myths busted- choosing the right pram

Myths busted- choosing the right pram. One of the most crucial choices you will need to make when you have a newborn baby is whether to purchase a pram. You’ll frequently use your stroller. Fighting with your stroller while trying to fold or unfold it in a parking lot is the last thing you want to be doing. Or straining your back because it’s too big or heavy for you. Having trouble maneuvering it off-road or running out of room in the trunk of your car for your groceries because it is too big when folded.

Here are a few examples of the difficulties parents have as a result of not taking into account their own needs for a pram, and failing to realize that the best stroller for one member of your family or friend may not be ideal for you. Each person has a unique lifestyle and set of circumstances.

Big multi-store sellers who are not professionals and as a result give erroneous or terrible advise and quote myths because they do not understand themselves add fuel to the fire, producing extra confusion when purchasing prams.

According to studies, parents wind up purchasing up to 5 strollers during a child’s lifetime.

Myth 1 – Newborn babies must lay flat in a pram all the time

There is currently no rule or law in Australia that requires a newborn to lay flat in a pram. In fact, it’s generally recommended to have them bent or slightly slanted with their heads up. Having some sort of head support is essential. A newborn baby should not be left flat in a stroller or baby capsule for longer than two hours at a time, according to some other sources.

Myth 2 – Pram bassinets cannot be used over night

While many bassinets for strollers fit this description, not all strollers do. Some producers have taken great care to make sure that their bassinets are especially made for overnight sleeping. For some brands, you can even purchase customized stands that let you take the bassinet out of the pram and put it in the stand. Some bassinettes have ventilation mesh incorporated into the sides and particularly breathable mattresses. This function is really useful. especially when traveling for vacation or visiting friends and family. Always verify whether a bassinet is intended for overnight use before making a purchase. The Baccani Pletora bassinet and Cavallo bassinets are two examples of ones that are safe for overnight sleeping when the ventilation mesh is opened properly.

Myth 3 – Small Prams are no good

This emphasizes the idea that every parent has unique demands once more. A compact stroller is ideal if, for instance, you travel frequently- especially on a light. Yes, substantial storage is quite useful, and smaller strollers generally won’t have as much storage. However, not everyone will find this to be significant. Everything comes down to what you need.

Myth 4 – A three-wheeled pram is a jogging pram

It’s entirely inaccurate to say this. Yes, jogging and running strollers are three-wheelers. All three-wheelers, however, are not made for jogging or running. A genuine running or jogging stroller won’t experience the wobbles when moving quickly. Along with a standard park brake, it will also have a hand brake. Typically, they will have big wheels, unique bearings, and additional baby safety features. In addition, special suspension to provide a smooth ride at high speed and a stronger frame.

A jogging pram is NOT always referred to as a three-wheel jogger. In fact, using one that isn’t made for running can be risky when jogging. The phrase “3 wheel jogger” is used by retailers and manufacturers to describe aesthetics rather than functionality.

Myth 5 – Only expensive prams are safe and practical

Although more expensive prams might have more features, a pram does not necessarily need to be pricey to be safe and useful. However, it is also unrealistic to expect super-cheap strollers and prams, which are frequently purchased in huge general merchants, to last through several kids. Multiple strollers will almost certainly end up costing more than one of good quality throughout the course of a child’s life. By no means do you have to pay thousands of dollars. We offer a wide range of strollers and prams that are of outstanding quality, reasonable pricing, and amazing utility.

Advice on Choosing Prams

Everyone has different needs, therefore keeping that in mind is crucial when selecting a pram. Don’t just listen to your friend or a member of your family. Their way of life will differ. The boot space in your automobile won’t be the same. They won’t always have the same money, and keeping up with the Joneses is not always necessary.

Our recommendation is to seek wise counsel from a local baby shop or your pram manufacturer. One with experienced product professionals who have received extensive training. Product experts who are knowledgeable and have years of expertise with both themselves and their consumers. This gives them the ability to determine the ideal pram for your particular needs.

We have a wide selection of strollers and prams at Baccani. Our prams are designed with special care and focus on the needs of Australianp parents and more than 5 years in this industry. We have gained knowledge by speaking with parents and gaining an understanding of their needs.

Check out the range and don’t hesitate to pop in to your local baby store or call, or live chat with one of our baby products specialists for any questions or advice you need about baby prams. And there you have it, the biggest myths about purchasing your pram.

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